City of Joburg

This particular project involved the creation of an online black suppliers
database to assist the City in meeting its objectives of BBBEE with respect to
preferential procurement. The application was a great success in terms of its
popularity and also had membership joining from a number of other cities
outside the greater Johannesburg because of the interest it gained.
Experiencing a growth to about 4,000 members of various kinds of BBBEE
classified companies such as large corporate to micro and SMMEs.


GENO‟s involvement included desktop research for building the initial database, sourcing data, verification of data and cleaning via a partner managing the verification. Finally as the project came to a close as the business objectives were being re-structured, GENO handled not only all of the development and hosting but also maintenance and support for the membership – fielding calls and assisting with advice relating to CoJ policies with respect to registrations with Supply Chain or tendering queries.